Every team member at the WaterBoy believes that sport has a major role to play in developing and maintaining a healthy body, mind, and soul.

Benefits people get from sport include:

­ Personal Development

•Increased confidence
•Gives people goals/purpose
•Gives people a sense of pride/belonging

­ Social Development

•Learning how to collaborate/work together toward shared objectives
•Learning how to make friends
•Learning how to have fun in a team environment
•Learn how to benefit from winning and losing
•A common interest to leverage relationships

­ Health

•Staying active
•Reduced obesity

Many New Zealanders miss the opportunity to gain the above mentioned benefits due to barriers to sports participation. These barriers may be real or perceived, external or self imposed. No matter what the barrier, The Waterboy aims to help as many New Zealanders seek the benefits of participating in sport and in doing so creating stronger communities within New Zealand.