Te Tamawai Trust uses a prescribed process for the resolution of complaints relating to service provision

  1. Te Tamawai Trust (trading as The WaterBoy) is committed to providing a quality service by staff who hold appropriate professional qualifications and who are supported by on-going professional development, training and supervision.

  2. All services will aim for best practice and will demonstrate a commitment to professional ethics.

  3. In the event of a complaint, Te Tamawai Trust will be proactive to ensure that the interests of the client are protected.

  4. Te Tamawai Trust has a written complaint procedure which complies with privacy and human rights legislation and is displayed in public areas in Te Tamawai Trust.  [See Attachment 1] 

  5. Where a staff member is the subject of a complaint this will be the responsibility of the Director. Where the Director is the subject of a complaint this will be the responsibility of the Trustees.

  6. A Complaint Register will be kept and held in a secure folder on WaterBoy Google Drive. Only the Director will have access to the complaints register.

  7. All complaints, except those relating to the Director, will be reported to the Director who is responsible for any action and follow up.

  8. All complaints will be reported to the Te Tamawai Trust Trustees.

  9. An incident report will be completed on any occasion where a complaint may be anticipated. These reports will be held by the Director on Google Drive.

  10. In the case of /mentors/initiative activators/sponsor/volunteer/associate, a complaint may also be made by the recipient and recipient family to their supervisor/initiative activator and/or Trust.

  11. Urgent complaints will be actioned within 48 hours of receipt. All other complaints will be actioned within 7 days.

  12. Complainants may have access to their personal information held by the agency to assist with their complaint.

  13. Where a complaint is not satisfactorily resolved an appropriate mediator will be engaged by the Agency. 


  • Complaint Procedure

Prepared: September 2019 by Te Tamawai Trust Trust


The Complaints Procedure has been developed to ensure that all complaints made to The WaterBoy are investigated thoroughly.  The WaterBoy is committed to providing a high standard of service to The WaterBoy families and to the community.

The WaterBoy is committed to providing a service that meets your needs, so please contact us with any feedback, problems or concerns about The WaterBoy.  If you have experienced problems with the services we offer, or with a staff member or volunteer, you may make a formal complaint.  

Making a Complaint

Contact Thomas Nabbs (Director) in writing or by telephone outlining your complaint or concerns. If the complaint relates to Thomas, you may contact Kate Stace (Chairperson). Contact details are listed below

Complaints Procedure

  1. The complaint will be recorded in a complaints register.

  2. Written complaints will be acknowledged within three working days by the Director (or Chair if applicable)

  3. If the complaint is about a staff member, sponsor or mentor or volunteer, The WaterBoy will refer the matter to a Complaints Committee.

  4. The complaint will be considered at the earliest possible time.

  5. If a special meeting is convened, you will be invited to present your case in person.

The Complaints Committee

The Committee will have three members, at least two of whom are members of The WaterBoy. The third person may be a member or may be co-opted from outside the membership, eg a lawyer or a mediator.

The Complaints Committee will be able to:

  • Investigate complaints;

  • Decide to take no action if, for example, the complaint is determined to be unjustified or inconsequential;

  • Facilitate resolution of complaints through negotiation, conciliation or mediation; and

  • Take disciplinary action where warranted, including ordering an apology.

Resolution of Complaints - Process

  1. The Complaints Committee will convene a meeting with both parties present when appropriate at the earliest possible opportunity after the complaint is lodged. Each of you may bring a support person. If either of you are unable to present your case for some reason, both of you may apply in advance to have a representative speak for you.

  2. Prior to the meeting, you and the other parties are invited to submit all written evidence, including a copy of your complaint and a written response of the other party complained about. Copies of all documents will be provided to the parties and to the members of the Complaints Committee.

  3. At the meeting, you will present your case, outlining the nature of the complaint, the reasons why you have lodged the complaint, a suggested outcome, and any other matters you wish to raise.

  4. The party complained about will respond to the allegations.

  5. If it is not possible to mediate a satisfactory resolution between the parties, the Complaints Committee will proceed to determine the matter and, if necessary, impose a penalty. This may include ordering an apology, a formal warning, or disciplinary proceedings.

  6. The Complaints Committee’s determination will be in writing and will be sent to the parties within ten working days of the meeting. The Committee’s decision is binding.

  7. All material relevant to the complaint is confidential to the parties and to the members of the Complaints Committee.

Contact People for Making a Complaint:

Thomas Nabbs (Director) -, 0220219078

Kate Stace (Chairperson) -,  0274884434