Emma is a typical twelve year kiwi kid but she has some situation which make life particularly tough.


Emma’s mother, Elizabeth, used to own and run a business until diagnosed with cancer four years ago. Elizabeth has managed to beat the cancer for now, but the chemotherapy has taken a large toll on her body. Elizabeth’s immune system is now significantly depleted meaning she is frequently sick. The chemo has also left her body frequently fatigued and these days she is unable to give Emma the care was formerly capable of.

Emma’s Dad, is no longer an active part of her life. Her parents are divorced and although her father says the right things, Emma has been let down by him too many times and now does not trust him. Emma thinks her father has a good heart and wants to do well but can’t back his words with his actions, due to addiction issues. Already at the age of twelve she has decided shut her dad out of her life because being let down by her father causes her too much pain.

Emma is a good runner and loves to do athletics and touch rugby in the summer, as well as play rugby in the winter. Elizabeth is on the sickness benefit caring for Emma and three other siblings, meaning money is tight and only essentials are purchased. Unfortunately for Emma, food, shelter, and heating take priority over her participation in sport.

At The Waterboy, we believe every kiwi deserves the opportunity to participate in sport. Sport gives us friendships and teaches us lessons which help shape our character. We know that sport will provide Emma a source of self confidence, pride, and respect, as well as give her physical health benefits, mental health benefits, and friendships that will help develop her into the adult she will become.

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Sports: Athletics, Touch Rugby, Rugby

Barriers: Financial