Janeya Wilton

Life is sometimes a struggle for the Wiltons. Janeya is the oldest of three siblings and her dad Brian is doing his best as a single father, putting the wellbeing of his kids before anything else.

Things were dark for a few years, as the family was caught up in the ugliness of custody court, which not only put a strain on their financial situation, also the relationship with Janeya’s mother. Dad now has sole custody of his three young kids, and whilst that’s great for their well-being, it’s meant he has had to give up his job due to the rigors and demands of being available for his kids.

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Brian has been a rugby referee in the Waikato for over two decades, anyone who has played the sport in the region would have seen him officiate at some point. Janeya looks up to her dad as a role model, and has started refereeing herself.

Janeya loves rugby! She loves playing, refereeing, and watching rugby. Like a lot of kiwi kids, rugby is what keeps her going in the winter. But this season she is facing the prospect of not being able to play due to dad having to prioritise life’s necessities, food shelter and heating, over the cost of training equipment, subs, and fuel to play rugby.

Sport breaks down social barriers to bring us together as a community. Sport creates sources of pride that make family relationships and friendships stronger. Sport gives us mental and physical health benefits. Sport is a large part of what makes up the fabric of New Zealand society and at The Waterboy we think that EVERY kiwi should have the opportunity to participate in sport.

We are seeking a sponsor to partner with The Waterboy to make a difference to this family. Janeya already has the drive to get into rugby in any way possible. We think that getting people into sport is an awesome way for kiwis to help kiwis and make a stronger community. And while we’re at it we also think it could be awesome to enable Janeya to go on school camp this year. School camps are a quintessential part of developing our younger generation and are as much a part of New Zealand as rugby. We’d love to make these activities possible for Janeya in 2018. Who’s with us?

Location: Hamilton, New Zealand