Homophobia in sport
speaker series

Homophobia is a large barrier to sport participation. Research findings from out on the fields suggest in New Zealand 76% of people believe that homosexual athletes are not fully accepted in the sporting environment, and 71% believe that youth team sport is not a safe environment for gay people.

The Waterboy is launching a speaker series across New Zealand Secondary Schools to help tackle this issue. We are sourcing athletes who will speak to teenagers with three main objectives:

  • Comfort through normality, those who are learning they have a different sexuality. Ensure these students realize they do not have to give up sport, nor should they let their sexuality stop them from participating in sport.

  • Let straight students realize that derogatory homophobic terms, even when said without malice, make it difficult for homosexual people to become comfortable with their sexuality.

  • By donating to this cause you will enable us to speak at more schools throughout New Zealand and have more impact on many of our current and future leaders.