Keziah is a future leader in our community - from a loving single parent family with two older brothers, Keziah is the quiet achiever.

Working full-time and with Keziah’s two, not so well behaved, teenage brothers, Keziah’s Mum has her hands is unable to provide opportunity for Keziah to take up sports for which he would so much love to play.

With transport assistance from other parents and coaches, Keziah is able to play rugby, but that’s it. Sport provides Keziah so much fulfilment and he wishes to take up golf and swimming.

At The Waterboy we think it’s awesome that Keziah wants to get stuck into playing sport and we are determined to help make it happen. He has so much potential and just needs an extra leg up from the good folk of the Waikato to get there.

Location: Glenview, Hamilton

School: Maeroa Intermediate

Sport: Golf

Barrier: Financial & Transport