Wineera Whanau


Betty - Mum
Grace - 13
Levi - 10

Three years ago, Betty Wineera decided to get her family away from the gang culture that was suffocating them.

Drugs, alcohol, and anger had taken over her life, and she knew she had to break the cycle. She kicked her addictions, packed up her SEVEN children, said goodbye to the father of her younger children and moved everyone to Hamilton, certain that anywhere else had to be better for her whanau than where she was then.

Betty is almost completely deaf and has trouble with reading, but she’s a lovely soul and positive person. She knows that education and sport are the right way for her children to have their own future. She wants her kids to grow away from bad influences, but with a one-benefit income and seven kids in the house, being able to afford sporting opportunities is currently only a dream that she's digging herself into debt to reach.

Daughter, Grace Wineera is a polite and kind young lady, but she’s timid and has low self-esteem. She’s been playing netball at school since she was young, but right now she’s going to miss out due to the high cost of equipment and fees. She also has an interest in playing rugby, but doesn’t feel like she can. She’s someone that could massively benefit from some support and positive role models, so she can look at herself as someone strong and worthy of being on the team.

Levi Wineera is a troubled young man, but with potential to grow past his issues. His male influences growing up were gang members, and he seems to be struggling to get past this mindset. He too has self-worth issues and has trouble making friends at school, but is intelligent and excels at core subjects like maths. Levi wants to get into rugby and The Waterboy believes that getting involved in team sports like this will help him to develop as into his own person.

Participating in sport is so key at this crucial part of these kids lives. Sport will give them self esteem and purpose, as well as teach them how to cooperate with other as part of a team.

Betty has made the bold and brave decision to leave the life that she was brought up with - now we want to help assure her that was the right decision and give her support for being so brave.


Rugby, Netball